Helping you be a better YOU!

Our Parkview Wellness Program is tailored to your specific needs and goals.


We offer traditional and therapeutic exercise, balance and stability training, along with rehabilitative support in both small group and individual settings.


Our small group classes are unique and customized to ensure a safe and successful experience for all.  


Individual programs are offered for residents in need of specialized assistance or coordination with healthcare providers.


Our Wellness Team Instructor is a degreed, nationally certified personal trainer.

Here’s a quick sample of classes:

  • BALANCE Clinic

  • VISION Support Group

  • RELAXATION Techniques

  • Mobility LEGS / HIPS / KNEES 

  • Exercise EQUIPMENT Tutorial

  • TAI CHI Moving for Better Balance

  • Equipment Circuit Class

  • SHOULDER Mobility

  • CONNECT! Balloons

  • Flex Your DIGITS

  • Wellness WALKERS

  • Chair YOGA for Strength

  • Exercise Bands


For a current calendar simply click on the box along the side, or friend us on Facebook to keep up on all the latest happenings. 



"Seniors Our Concern,  Christ Our Motivation"